Mic Drop: Problems Versus Solutions

Honestly, it’s not a good look. If there is something I don’t’ like, I will come out with detailed examples of failures and misjudgments like it is a competitive sport and I am world champion.  The problem is that’s not the entire game; it’s the hand-off, the pass, the tag and I have a bad habit where I stop and do a mic drop1, Sheila out. I forgot it is still game on and my role continues.

Recently I was reminded, you are part of the problem or you are part of the solution. Oops. In a recent situation, I did my usual take down. I acted like, well, OK, shot out my list and did my mic drop. Yet, I had not defined expectations; I did not provide a strategy and I had not offered assistance. That doesn’t mean there were no issues, but it did mean wasn’t helping. I was just a chorus of complaining rather than supporting and collaborating.

Are you committed to success? Then there is no mic drop. Just because something has been less than perfect in the past doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to make it better going forward; you can either look back and complain or look forward and be a part of strategy and implementation. As you go through the week, observe, are you part the problem or are you part of the solution?

1Mic Drop – used to emphasize that a discussion is at an end after a definitive or particularly impressive point has been made.


  1. I agree, we are all part of the solution. Even if we don’t feel we are part of the problem, though we usually play a part.

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