The Wisdom of 20/20 Hindsight: Let It Be

On 8 May 1970, the Beatles released their final album, Let it Be. That was 51 years ago this past Saturday. It feels so relevant, a song of stillness in the midst of urgency. We often visualize the things we want and we pray for what we need. What happens when we just sit in stillness? What happens when you have no requests and no interests? What happens when you “let it be?”

The band fought; it was Lennon versus McCarthy, with their slams and digs at each other over the years. Recording the final album was fraught with who would be in studio with whom.  Over the decades, there was a wish for a Beatles reunion that never happened. Their farewell album, pretty much said it all, “Let It Be.” I spent 8 hours on a post for this week that just didn’t come together. I had to let it go. This week, consider those times when you need your own version of “Let it Be.”

Let It Be

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