Goodbye to Baggage: The Bad News, Doom and Gloom Detox

You can’t. You can’t keep it up. You know how something can happen and you can run a mad sprint faster than you thought possible for a brief and spectacular period of time. You may be able to lift, move, shove, something very heavy with a burst of adrenalin. You can do these things in a burst, not in a sustainable manner because your organs, heart, lungs, kidneys are not built or equipped for such conditions. Your liver’s purpose is to filter toxins. If it is overloaded, there is a negative impact to your health you may not realize or associate with the liver. Think about your brain. Your brain is also an organ. Does it need a break?

Your brain has to filter information. Maybe you can think of it as your intellectual liver. If your brain is overloaded with bad news, negative information, you won’t be aware it’s overloaded, like the liver. But, there is a negative impact to your health; bad news, negative thoughts are bad for the brain. There is an axiom, you will find what you look for. Like the broken tail light. When you have one, you start to notice all the broken tail lights. Ipso facto, you unconsciously will start to see all the negative and the bad when the brain is overloaded.

How do you give your brain a break? It has to be a conscious effort. Kind of like so called “clean eating” to give the liver a break. The effort is not necessarily a news fast or social media break, it is awareness and a choice to see the good. I was shredded after Ralph Yarl, the kid shot after ringing the wrong doorbell. However, go fundme page for Ralph has messages from people all around the world. To read them is to be enveloped in love and hope.  We have to be responsible for our words and what we put out into the world. Find the good; find it!!!

Yes, it is not that easy to start. Like clean eating, eliminating sugar, etc. but, the brain needs a break for you to think clearly. This week, consider, two days. Day one, is inventory, notice how you interact with the world, no judgement, just notice. Day two, be a ray of sunshine. Compliment and thank people, smile AND avoid saying anything negative, one day. So, yes, maybe that social media, news break may help. It’s all good.

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