Breathless: A Crash and Burn of Minor Proportions with Major Consequences

That’s it, the third person in less than 2 days told me I needed to do yoga and relax. I reared back on my heels and then leaned forward with my fist clinched and yelled, I do six yoga classes a week! The fact my fist were clinched and I yelled is antithetical to “relaxed.” I’ve lost 7% of my body weight in the last three weeks; so, yes, I am unwell. I’ve got doctor’s appointments and tests set up. I’m not too concerned, it probably is stress. I have not been breathing.

When I do a yoga class as a student, I am moving with my breath. Focused movement with inhales and exhales for an hour is magic. As a teacher, it is different. When I plan the class, I’m halfway doing the movements and making notes, when I practice the class, I move through the poses quickly to check the flow and finally when I teach, I am talking and cueing movement. No where in this near 8 hours of yoga a week, am I moving with my breath and now my body is revolting and yelling for me to sit still and breathe.

Your body exists in the past and your mind exists in the future. In yoga, they come together in the present.

B.K.S. Iyengar

Funny thing, when I coach people to present a business case, I remind them, it is most difficult to do it on their own. it takes an outside perspective to shape a compelling story. My own words echoed in my head this weekend. I remembered a yoga instructor saying,  “This is my last class, I need time to focus on my own practice.”  I understand that now in a way I didn’t before.

Kind of like the proverb, the shoemakers children don’t have shoes; those closest to someone with expertise are the least to benefit. This week consider your expertise and who benefits.Are there adjustments you need to make to take care of yourself?

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