Tug of War: right, Wrong and Rubber Bands

I procrastinate. I put stuff off that is not even complicated or requires a lot of time. A friend recommended the rubber band1 method of behavior therapy. “Place a rubber band on your wrist, when do something you’re not suppose to do, snap that runner band. It worked for me.” I was quick with the, “Yes, I tried that years ago and nothing.” She quickly responded, “then you weren’t using the right runner band.”

We laughed, I thought about it and I agree she was right. The one I used would sting but not hurt. I dismissed a technique that I’d not done properly. So much can depend on the right tool and the right method. Hair products, the wrong ones cause a string of bad hair days.

This week notice, when something isn’t working, is it truly not working? Are you really putting the effort in or going through the motions. Or, is there a possibility you’re using the wrong method or product.

1Rubber Band Method

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