It’s Not My Fault: Blame, Accountability and C-Sections

I was a c-section baby; a brith scheduled for a specific date and time. We C babies have a set of unique characteristics. We were not ready, we were snatched out. Hence, we tend to be anxious. Imagine a peaceful sleep and bam, bright lights, cold hands and a slap on the bottom. We C’s often are persnickety about time. We want to be early, we want to know what’s next. We can be passive aggressiveness because, we want control. There are traits for other births too.The early ones, the late ones, the fast ones and those that are the pure definition of “labor.”  OK, this is all a falsehood; I made this up to show the power of a narrative.

What happens when we own up to our attributes?  This Sunday afternoon, I find myself locked out my work account because I procrastinated. For three weeks , I ignored notifications to change my password.  How do I know I am locked out? Because I tried to logged on to get ready for the week. II know, it is my day off; I do not like to be caught off guard. I prepare on Sunday for the week. Root cause can be good information; particularly if you can adjust. I had back issues a few years back and my chiropractor told me to stop sitting with my legs crossed. Boom, problem solved. But, how much weight can you attribute to a cause decades later1. Seriously, do I want to be 70 years and still struggling to take a vacation because in college, I worked to pay for school and couldn’t afford winter break, spring break or any time off?  No.

This week, notice the impact of cause on actions or inactions. Do you have non productive traits you can take ownership of mitigate the negative impact?

1 Not to be confused with ongoing issues in which the cause has not been removed e.g. covid 19, systematic racism…etc

One comment

  1. seriously! i had 3 days before my password would lock me out of my account.
    seriously, i had my car repaired before my 3 weeks away so i wouldn’t be caught off guard…guess what happened? we prepare so we are not “caught” in a …wha?! — pandemic strikes? but but but…


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