Spamalot: Cornbread, Google and a Virus

The kitchen is my happy place. I got an idea. If I could bake a strawberry upside down cake when strawberries are in season, what about a tomato upside down cornbread for tomato season? I consulted Google and voila, a recipe. I tried to print the recipe, voila @#$%^&* iPhone virus1. Nooooooooooo, I have too much to do today. Seriously! This could take hours; hours I don’t have today.

Tomorrow! I will do it tomorrow; I know something is wrong, but I will ignore it for now. Nope, that was not to be. Every 2 minutes my phone went off with an alert, you have a virus that needs to be deleted, click here. I started to feel sick; yes, my last phone backup was on July 22nd, but I really wasn’t up a phone reset. Not me, not today. You know, it’s hard to have a hissy fit when you are by yourself, but I did a pretty good one. I did a scrunch face and glared out the window as if I had an audience. The sun hit my eyes. OK, I get it, the world revolves around the sun, not me. I quick google search and you tube video provided a quick solution – check calendar subscriptions and delete any you don’t recognize. Problem solved.

It’s funny, I spent more time with my histrionics, than the actual time it took to solve the problem. This week, consider how you deal with issues and problems. Do you handled things right away or postpone? Why?

1Technically, not an iPhone virus, but calendar spam

2Calendar spam adds events to your calendar; in this case, there was an event every 2 minutes all over my calendar for the foreseeable future.

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