Word Play: A Treatise on Kindness

All Rights Reserved 2019 Elnur Babayev

I thought about it. The most valuable and worst thing someone could say to me are the same. “You’re being unkind.” It’s the best thing, because, in the moment if someone tells me I’m being unkind, I have a chance to stop, apologize, change my behavior. Think about it, if someone tapped you on the shoulder and said you were being unkind, how would you feel?

The bullies, the mean people, the sociopaths, a reprimand will do nothing. However, for the person who is having an off moment, “you’re being unkind,” is a gentle reminder. While it’s typical to see a group of people yell or hurl insults at a bully. But, what’s the point? Really. Your spiffy comeback, righteous indignation will do nothing. Consider the target of those insults and tirades; your words to that person will have an impact.

Some of those “old adages” do not apply. Sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but words will never hurt me. Nah, not true. Words hurt. It’s a reminder of the quote from “unknown;” an adage that does apply. In a world where you can chose to be anything, be kind.

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