Working Yourself Out of a Job?

It was the usual manager career questions with an unusual answer. “This job should not exist in 3 years. I do everything I can do to make my job go away. I love my job, but we have serious problems if this role looks the same three years from now.”  I think, what would have to happen for my job to go away and end up with a list of actions I need to consider. For example, people struggle with a website my group does not own or manage. So, I format the information needed in a way that works for people and send it to them as needed.  It is a crazy game of whack a mole and  if I succeed in what I’m doing, this role will not exist as it does today.


What would a a doctor have to do so, her role does not exist? Well, people will have to not get sick. That’s why some doctors focus on prevention and are wellness advocates. Others do research. Their role may not exist as they know it now in the future, but they have created a new role. This exercise can provide insight into career vitality. Truck drivers, for you to work yourself out of a job, you’d have to create the self driving truck? Well, is anyone else doing that? Sure. Self Driving trucks as a viable solution is probably 30 years out, so, carry on. What about TSA? People would have to stop trying to bring things on planes that are forbidden and people would need to be a little more savvy about the process. Which, could lead to a side hustle, vlogging about how to get through airport lines, recommended steps, items that are time saving, etc.


Does this work for every job. Nope. Some jobs are more linear, do point a to get to point b; however, it can show potential obsolescence. This week, consider this exercise; what would you have to do to work yourself out of a job? It may reveal an action plan for your current job, insight on your future job, or a serious flaw in the question itself. But for a moment, consider, what would it take for you to work yourself out of a job. Are you doing those things?


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