Low Battery: a Study of Shadows and Light

Do you see the obvious or only notice the habitual? I asked that question to a class of 16  techies in London. Often, we miss an obvious problem,  an eloquent solution or even a humorous irony because we don’t really observe. We monitor and make a connection, but we don’t really pay attention. Well the universe has a sense of humor. “It’s just jet lag.” I’ve been saying that for 8 days now. Oops.  it’s not jet lag. Even with the formula of one day for every hour time difference, it’s not jet lag; it’s something else.

It’s emotional exhaustion, enter my shadow self. There is a family situation and I can’t help. There is nothing I can do.. I cannot make a difference and after election season when I declared everyone counts, I am hopeless. I can’t help, I can’t make a difference. I am in the middle internal struggle that won’t accept no. The shadow emerges.

I talked about low battery syndrome to that same group of 16. “Save yourselves from burnout, have a low battery indicator like you do for your phone. he same way you shut down  apps that drain your battery on your phone, do the same thing in your life until you recharge. Think about what indicator you will use that says, you are at100%.” 

Go to bed at 9:00 and get up at 5:00, gaze out the window and don’t leave the house until better. That was my jet lag, low key quarantine remedy. Hmmm, ah yes; it was never jet lag. My indicator is never going back to 100%; maybe 95% eventually? The knowledge ad acceptance means I get a hint of light and the shadow starts to fade. This week consider what’s your low battery indicator and your fully charged indicator. Where are you now?


  1. Awesome post. A really good analogy to the phone battery. And yes, many of us will never be the 100% we used to, but that is OK. I think too many years of worklag, and jetlag, and lifelag, just wear down the percentage. Stay well and keep blogging. – Lorian

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    1. This post beautifully articulates a cycle that I have gone through repeatedly in my life. A friend once said to me “If you give 100% you die. There’s nothing left.” Although it was meant to be funny… Thank you for your writings.

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