On the Road Again: Stress Induced Stupidity and a Big Head

No, no, no. My 8:30 p.m. flight to London was cancelled; not delayed. Canceled. I’d check in online prior to my Saturday Morning Yoga Class; I had all day to pack and get a few tasks done. After I taught, in the middle of breakfast, I got a text that said the flight was cancelled, then the email informed me, I was booked on another flight that would arrive Monday afternoon. Ugh, I have a meeting Sunday night, which I might be ok to miss, but, work starts on Monday at 7:30. I called the airline, in a sense of calm, with hopes for the best and braced for the worst.

Forty-five minutes later I was headed to the airport. No makeup, hair in an unintentional messy bun and n an outfit that left much to be desired. The craziest thing, I grabbed an impractical jacket, because I felt the coat jacket that would work, would clash with my luggage. Yes, that was the stress induced stupidity. I packed 3 toothbrushes, but nary a comb or hair brush. The messy bun situation stayed that way. The jacket was so bad, I was like a tourist at the San Francisco airport buying a hoodie for warmth and comfort. My brain started to function again. I have a big head, I can’t get hoodies (or most turtle necks over my head), so, I knew enough to borrow scissors from the gift shop to enlarge the neck line.

I oscillated between calm and panic until I thought about people who operate in this mode all the time. While I’m not one of them, I had to think like one, constantly saying it’s all good, this works out great because <fill in the blank.> This week, consider how do you recover when flustered. Do you stay there is a state of stress induced stupidity or can you shake it off.

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