Trusted Sources: a Journey, Comfort and Wheeeeee

It’s happened before. I think I know how to get where I’m going and I use Siri,for security – a source of comfort to make sure I’m headed int he right direction. Last week, Siri’s direction didn’t follow what I knew. I checked to ensure I’d entered the correct designation and I trusted that the maps application had a broader view of traffic, accidents and delays. It reminded me of when I led people through what I called “the path of least resistance” sessions to get certified, I started  my session with, “It’s your choice to follow my directions. I can get you through this quick and rather painlessly.  But, I will not take time to argue with you about what you heard or read. I am Siri, either listen to me or do your own thing.” I’d say out of over 400 people,  about 88% followed me and 5% came back later and said I should have listened to you. But, that’s because after a while, through word of mouth and reputation (kind of like Siri) I became a trusted source.

Saturday was different. I taught a yoga master class and the students, except for one, had no clue about me. They’d never even heard of or seen the peak pose(s) I’d selected. So, I started with (yes, I am such a geek. teaching yoga like a techie) an overview of what we were going to do and why and then asked them to trust the process. They did. It was kind of magical for me. No  one deviated from anything  and they all did this crazy, technically challenging pose. It was the look of accomplishment on faces, shocked that they were literally standing on their triceps and their classmates cheering them on. Even to the point of people yelling wheeeeee once they got into the pose.

When was the last time you did something that actually made you say wheeeeee. if ever? This week, consider what it takes for you to trust and maybe yell out wheeeeee.

This is grasshopper. My preparation for the class included yin holds for 3 minutes of agnistambhasana (firelog) and gomukhasana (cow face legs) for hip openers and all kinds of twist. Lead up poses were parsva bakasana (side crow) moving into eka pada koundinyasana (flying splits)

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