Halloween: Trick or Treat versus Reality

The “Fun House”

Sunday afternoon I had lunch with a friend and a nice walk through idyllic neighborhoods all decked out for Halloween and yard signs for the upcoming election. On the drive back, a block away from my building was the reality of homeless encampments. Makes me wonder, are those political signs just decorations too? Saying what we expect, what we as a society have come to believe is true?

Money works because there is a societal agreement that assigns value to paper or more likely now, an agreement that money you never physically see can be transferred via an electronic transactions like Venmo or Zelle or by a plastic and a chip. Maybe it’s because of these things, we don’t question everything.

This week, go a little nuts and consider questioning things that have a societal agreement. For what things is this a very good thing and under what circumstances, if any,  is this less than ideal.

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