Hard, Challenging and Difficult: The False Equivalency Mental Block

What do you feel when you hear, “oh, it is really hard, that was so difficult, or that was a challenging period?” Just pause and reflect. Do you feel dread, fear, or a sense of, I’m not in for any of that? I noticed this week, when I hear those words, even if it something I really want to do, I’m filled with a sense of foreboding, a sense of dread, an ugh.

This all came about when I taught a yoga master class this week. At the end of class, one of my students said, “this was the hardest yoga class I have done and the most fun I’ve ever had in a yoga class.”  I went from momentary panic to that giddy smiling thing I do. Hard did not mean unpleasant, it did not mean miserable, it did not mean, get me out of here. It was commitment for a goal. She did three poses she had never done, never even attempted that are considered “challenging.”

This week, consider, hard, challenging and difficult. Do you associate unpleasant things with these words and beyond that, have you let it deter you from what you want to do?

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