March Madness: Basketball, Introspection and the Covid Finale?

March Madness 2016

March Madness, NCAA men’s basketball, and the unpredictable. Only 1.2% of college basketball players go on to be professionals. This madness, this tournament is the basketball pinnacle. This is the players time to shine. It’s not professional, it’s often not pretty, nor polished or refined. It’s raw. There are mistakes, errors, emotions and heart breaks. It’s life. Abilene Christian University’s free throw with 1.2 seconds on the clock was a 53-52 upset over the University of Texas. That game was everything. Which is why I love it. A couple of weeks becoming one with the basketball and contemplating life.

Last year, covid canceled March Madness as everything we knew spun out of control.  This year, basketball is an apt analogy for covid. While it appears, we are in the fourth quarter with a slight lead, we are not at the point where we can send in the third string players. We need the best in the game and defense. A few well-placed pick and rolls by covid can provide an upset. Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) was no contest to the University of Oregon when 3 VCU players tested positive for covid. It is believed the source was from a hotel stay in which the patrons of the hotel were not adhering to covid safety protocols.

I tried to recreate an old photo and delved into another kind of March Madness. The pants are too big, the t-shirt is shredded, the buzz cut is gone, replaced by gray temples wild hair. I’m in a different house, so why am I trying to recreate this photo? My trip to ridiculous reminds me, as we emerge from covid, why “go back” when we can move forward. We can transform. NCAA basketball may not be your thing, this week find your own March Madness, contemplate life and what next looks like for you.

March Madness 2021

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