Corona-versary: The Year of Living Dangerously

March 2020, you remember it. Everything just stopped. We thought it’d be a couple of weeks. Covid snacks were a thing when the availability of toilet paper and masks weren’t. One year later, we have a slow emergence from shadow of corona. Soon, we will forget the times of fear, wiping down every surface and wondering what’s safe. Washing our hands red and raw. We will forget the longing to do simple things. We will forget the appreciation for essential workers. Remember the initial surrealness  and angst.

We all shared the same life changing event, yet, the experience has been different for each of us.  Did you have a loss or make a life altering choice.? What is your Covid experience? What changed about your life during the pandemic? Do you have a Covid bucket list; the thing(s) you are looking forward to doing again? Coming back is not an on switch, but a trickle of increasing possibilities. This week, write your experience as a future reference of your fears, desires,hopes and dreams from the year of living dangerously before it all becomes a distant memory.

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