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A Memorial Day Sip

There are millions people who are virtually untouched by the horrors of the corona virus. Other than the “inconvenience” of shelter in place, they have not lost loved ones or been forced to interact with the healthcare system. The news of the happenings in the continental US, might as well be about some far-flung country,…

Note to Self: The Corona Summer of Your Discontent; How versus When

We’re asking the wrong questions; we’re having the wrong conversations. It’s not when the lock down will end; it’s not when to relax social distancing. The question is how. This is not a weather disaster that subsides and clean up starts. The “models” discussed are when the outbreak will peak, who will be impacted and…

March Madness: The Lockdown

“How do you do this? How do you work from home?” That was my brother this week; he has just entered his work from home phase. I have not left my place in 8 days; I’m sheltered in place. Left alone to my own devices with no adult supervision. As with most people, my thoughts have spiraled out of control. So, this week, rather than words, I have actions. Below are a set of desk yoga videos for those working at home and a couple of high intensity workouts for those without a gym. We’re trying to balance in unchartered territory, be nice, be community, be love.

Lockdown Fitness Videos









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