Left Speechless? Try the Comfort of Ouch

Ever have a moment when you are stunned speechless? You have no idea what to say; yet you feel you need to say something. You are silent in a moment of mental calculus, what’s appropriate? How can you respond in a non combative, non sarcastic or demeaning manner? Your brain freezes and the moment is gone.

Siri can’t answer you. Google can’t search for you. What do you say? This week, a friend described “ouch” training she received. Stop the presses, clutch the pearls, shut the door. It’s a game changer applicable to many situations, so, I will direct you to the source. Please find 11 minutes to watch if you aren’t familiar with this.1 https://www.sunshowerlearning.com/product/ouch-that-stereotype-hurts  This week consider “ouch.”

1I did not enter email and the video played.


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