A Social Piece on Words and Pictures

You speak about 120 words per minute. How many of your words are meaningful, how many are true, how many bring peace?” That was the theme I jotted down Wednesday that was confirmed when I later saw this post on Friday from Ted Cruz.“Dammit, stop it. Stop saying stupid, racist things. Our country is grieving,”

This was in response to Keith Nielsen. In the state where George Floyd will be buried this week a series of racist and conspiracy theory posts were circulated by five Texas GOP leaders. Cynthia Brehm and two others promoted a Facebook post suggesting George Floyd’s death was staged. Keith Nielsen shared a Martin Luther King Jr. quote over a picture of a banana.¹ Number five urged followers to consider that liberal billionaire George Soros pays black people to riot to keep “race wars” flaring. In an already traumatizing week, the salvos against racial equity were only eclipsed by the sickening #GeorgeFloydChallenge where kneeling on someone’s necks is posted as a joke.


On Broadway – artwork on the boarded up windows in Broadway in Oakland CA


¹If that doesn’t mean anything to you -it’s dog whistle; appearing to be one thing while having derogatory meaning for a targeted subgroup.


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