It’s not Sink or Swim; It’s Swim or Drown

You cannot jump in the water, hold your breath and call it swimming. You might, with good breath control last about 2 minutes. Unless there is a miracle, you’re going to drown and as Brad Pitt reminded us, a miracle should not be plan a¹. During the first month of shelter in place, I was holding my breath underwater. Not moving, just staying place because this is just a plunge beneath the surface before coming back up for air. I was just holding my breath under water not even thinking about swimming.

Last week was all about distinguishing what does not serve you. This week is determining what does. Can you identify what you need? Can you meet some of those needs? Are you putting off getting an office chair, a desk at the proper height,  a Peloton, because, this is going to be over soon? It may be minor or it may be major. Do a little binge thinking. Or are you adapting, setting up new rules and new schedules. This week, It’s time to swim; how have you adapted to change and maybe, what do you need to change.




Note: Yes, I set the publish date wrong. Monday is publish not Sunday.  I am proud to say I messed up. I am embracing this because I’m teaching a couple of virtual yoga classes this week and I’m pretty sure, even with my preparations and best intentions, I’m going to mess up. So, I’m not holding my breath.

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