March Madness: The New Normal

We’ll reschedule when it gets back to normal. Let’s meet up when it gets back to normal. We’ll revisit this when it gets back to normal. This is the thing, it’s not never going to be normal again. We will eventually settle into a new normal; the clocks were reset last week.  There is BC (before corona), DC (during corona) and there will eventually be an AC (after corona.) There will be a time when we will remember the “good ol’ days” before corona. Kind of like the days before 911 when you could carry a full size bottle of shampoo on a plane. In the meantime, we’re in the slowdown, lockdown and the stages of acceptance for the during of COVID19. We’re in the midst of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. So while we’re watching people over the edge losing their minds and those who are proclaiming hoax, we’ll all go through the stages as we arrive at a new normal. Ironically, the one time of year I settled in for a few weeks of craziness and the unexpected from the NCAA college basketball playoffs, COVID19 is new and unexpected. Game on Corona, game on.

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  1. Thank you Sheila! Yes; we will all look back on this and appreciate whatever happier times we’re in when it’s over. Life is being reset. Let’s all take time to plan for the new one. As a Realtor, I’m taking online classes to gain new certifications and designations.

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