A Novel Idea: The Virus, Exhaustion and Pre-Widespread Panic

I am exhausted; I can’t move, let alone get out of bed. Perhaps it’s that 16 pound weighted blanket or general body fatigue after repeatedly working through a new yoga sequence. Maybe my brain is just too tired. Every time I go out, I am analyzing surfaces, who touches them, how many times from how many different places. The corona virus can live up to 9 days on surfaces without a host. I’m not worried about infection as much as I am curious about the analytics and data behind transmission. I watched a woman board the bus I was on with 3 garbage bags of aluminum cans. I thought, she has touched every one of those cans and while she is wearing gloves and a mask, she is touching the seats, the poles, the payment tap; all the things the rest of us are touching bare handed. I’ve been on the ferry, the subway and bus in the last 10 days in addition to pumping gas, shopping and paying for food. 

Every time I go out, my brain goes into challenge mode like I’m a scientist looking for clues on unexpected ways the virus is spreading. Like Tuesday, I voted by touch screen and I saw no sign of disinfectants or a way to clean the machines¹. I have done this with every event, the theater (Tiny Beautiful Things at SF Playhouse) the museum (Soul of the Nation at the DeYoung) , the speaker series (Rahm Emanual at the Commonwealth Club), the concert (Thundercat at the Fox).  Looking at my list, it’s obvious why I can’t move, this is exhaustion.

Reflecting on the last 10 days, it’s easy to realize, we’re beyond containment of the virus. The best protection is to wash your hands and don’t touch your face (eyes, nose, mouth – those orifices where the virus can enter.) Basic, and yet Friday night, I watched women walk out of the ladies room with no hand washing. Logic follows that hand washing in the men’s room is even less.² Oh yes, stuff is going to spread; more companies will have employees work from home as possible, no business travel, events will be cancelled and venues will be closed. The Grand Princess Cruise ship with over 3,500 on board, including 19 crew members and 2 passengers who tested positive for COVID 19 will disembark in Oakland this week. This week, enjoy the last days of PC- pre corona before it all shuts down.



¹Yes, I asked and the poll staff were startled. I gave them a grin and laughed; I didn’t want to be “that” person.

²After using a public restroom, 65% or women wash their hands; 31 percent of men.

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