The Bottles, the Binge and the Couch

The Safeway clerked laughed and shook her head as she scanned my purchases. With 2 bottles of Dr Pepper and 2 giant sized  Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bars; I laughed with her. I was in a full blown binge mode.  Three days later, 12 bottles of Dr Pepper, 4 giant sized candy bars, 2 bags of family sized Lays potato chip and a large  tub of sour cream & onion dip I’m in danger of forming a habit. Last week was a rough work week, I can’t talk about it, so I ate.

I am reminded, of cause and effect. My change in behavior was triggered. I know the cause and the effect. Sometimes, the cause triggers a change for good; it took only one comment for me to quit smoking. This week, neither cause or effect is desirable. It’s time to get off the couch and into action. How do I address both the cause and the effect? What’s next? This week, consider the impact of cause and effect on your behavior. Are there actions you need to take to address the effect and the cause? Are you willing to do it?




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