Goals, Discipline and Motivation: A Feat to the Head?

You are not stuck. Sure, people like to think they are, but they aren’t. You are not in the same place now that you were three years ago. Seriously, unless you have been in a coma for 36 months, you faced  obstacles, changes, emotional turmoil along with moments of sheer joy and laughter. Honest reflection helps you see where you’re destructive; how you put yourself into situations that were not to your best interest. Thoughtful recollection makes you happy at what you conquered and how you persevered.

July 2014, blog post #1

This is blog post #160, a number of no particular significance. I’ve been posting weekly since July 16, 2014. My goal to inform, entertain and provoke thought; I am disciplined to write weekly. Why do I keep doing it? I’m motivated by the comments and responses. It’s the proof point that people are reading and that my content is making a difference.  It takes a goal, discipline and motivation to make something happen. The combination of the worthiness of the goal and the frequency of the motivation keeps you going. I fear scorpion chin stand. These photos were taken three years apart, I did not initially thing my feet would sit on my head. The pose still scares me, but I do it anyway. My yoga goal is to stay mobile as I age. The discipline is to do three classes a week, though lately I seem to only manage one. My motivation are the days when I find myself doing something I once struggled with.

July 2017

On a good day¹, when all is well, write down what you want in the next three years. Be fearless in the moment, this is just for you. Next, write your wants as goals, my goal is to <fill in the blank>. Do not limit yourself. When you have finished, look at your list and mark any goal you are fearful of. Explore why. Would the goal be life changing? Think back to the opening exercise, your life has changed in the last three years, either intentionally or not.  Why not guide where you want to go?  The worthiness of a goal, commitment to the discipline and frequency of motivation are a powerful combination to get what you want. The question is, are you ready to be fearless?





¹I was discussing this with my nephew and he mentioned something he’d read, when you’re listing the pros and cons of your job, do it when you’re having a good day. I think the same is true of this exercise.  You can do it at any time, but you’ll probably have a better perspective if you do it on a good day. And if you don’t have good days, egads, get work immediately.

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  1. Thanks Sheila, I had never thought about how making something happen consists of; a goal coupled with discipline and motivation! That is a great way to think of it!


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