Your Actions Show People Who You Are. How Are you Acting?

I know I’m right, but I must not engage and tell someone else they are wrong. No good can come of this, but it is taking everything in me to avoid a verbal smack down on Instagram. I did a post this week for a yoga challenge and someone commented I did the wrong pose. Grrrrrr. I saw the comment as I was leaving a weekend yoga workshop conducted by the yoga teacher who is hosting the challenge. We did the pose in the workshop, I am doing the right pose.  My reaction is coming from a snippy, eye rolling, oh no you didn’t frame of mind. The ugly truth is, I want to retaliate against someone who is trying to help.

This is embarrassing and  hard to admit. Sure, I could  “justify” a snide response. You can always frame an argument to “justify” your actions, but, ask yourself, what your intent is. In this instance my intent, is petty. I am surprised at the amount of energy I have worked up in a fit of condescension. I tell my team at work, we have to be “green”with our energy. Everything is not worthy of our attention. We can’t waste our time on things that have little impact and bring no reward. We have to focus on what brings positive results. Yet, what was I doing? I was intently focusing on one comment

The reality is, the comment has no negative impact on my Instagram feed. The reason I do Instagram is for the love and joy of yoga. I am a part of a virtual tribe of yogis. last weekend, two people approached me at different times and said,“I know you, you are bous yoga, you do yoga in your kitchen.” Both times, I jumped up and down in excitement and happily embraced my Instagram friend. That’s the reaction to my Instagram, that’s what I want to be known for, that is who I am. Would I get that same response if I were combative in my Instagram interactions? Would people approach me? The answer is no.

You have a choice. You can be “right” or you can be happy. It’s tough choice; the ego blocks the heart which is why the brain has to intervene. We tell people who we are with our actions. Who do you want people to know?

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