A Different View: Let the Games Begin

Why can’t people follow the instructions? I don’t mean everyday stuff where people are in a hurry, they don’t read or they rationalize away why not to follow rules, not that any of this is good. I am talking about the game show/reality competition shows. Contestants know they are on a show and a surprising number lose all manner of logic. The shows/competitions have a brief, a scope of work, a theme to follow. Yet, people don’t follow the brief and then shockingly, contestants are surprised when they are eliminated.

Cooking shows, here is the ingredient to highlight and well, some of the chefs don’t. Hint, using the highlighted ingredient as a garnish does not count as cooking with it.  Sewing competition, design for an event. Hint, just because you don’t like the attire for an event does not mean you can select an event of your choosing. Then there is time. By now, it seems everyone knows there is not enough time to do the task, so when planning, do not think you have escaped the time space continuum. Plan for everything to take longer. The combination of all this this makes people seem, well, a little crazed.

What amount of money would be life changing for you? Pause of a moment and think of your answer. What’s your number? Did you factor in the amount you will pay in taxes? If you read about game show winners, particularly those who win “prizes,” often end up selling the items because of taxes. Yet, contestants are interviewed and often say, this is going to be life changing? Maybe the are reading a tele prompter and trying to make good tv.

These game show lessons are life lessons. Follow the instructions, plan for more time than you think you need. Remember, when stressed or under pressure, you do stupid things. You can’t do things you typically do with ease and in a rush, you make mistakes. This week, consider a game show point of view when you are rushed for time. Can you bring a sense of calm, slow down, focus and not lose sight of what you are doing and why.

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