Defining Play: Let the Games Begin

When was the last time you played? I mean, play like you did as a kid, no winners, no losers, just play using imagination and joy. Play where you squeal and laugh in delight. No judgement or worry about an opinion, who is watching or what it means. When did you last play without competition?

Kittens, they jump, they pounce, you can shine a flashlight up a wall and kittens will chase it. Puppies will entertain themselves. Have you seen one chase their tail?  OK, all species do some sort of play as youngsters.  It’s a process to learn muscle control, coordination. spatial awareness, etc.  Overtime most people stop. Have you?

Is it fear of judgement or a belief that adults can’t play? Do you go into play mode when around kids or pets? In this case, I’m talking about  the ability to play without rules, that means no video games or sports, this is going outside to play that uses a little imagination and physical activity. This week, consider play and how we use the term. Does it mean complete, enjoy or the opposite of work? Play on.

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