Blog-ish? A Study in Nonspecificity

Time is a unit of measure and ish is “ the ultimate generality, lacking any specificity or meaning whatsoever.” Hence, I noted a couple of weeks ago, “ish” is not in my vocabulary. When asked what time I needed t leave during a pre show dinner two weeks ago, I promptly responded, 7:10. The stunned waitress, and she was stunned with the double take head shake, said “wow, I have never had someone answer with an exact time or respond so quickly.” At this point, I think, who are these people? Yet that was later exemplified at the Chris Rock  performance as I watched people come in at 9:30 for a show that started at 8:00. Mr Rock was on stage and well into the performance by then. I reckon this people, who in my mind were late, thought he’d start around 9-ish?

Which are you? Think about it. Are you an “around ish” person or do you deal in numbers? No judgement.  I need numbers and I acknowledge some people don’t. I know that I am eccentric by some standards and just downright peculiar by others. This means, Sheila moments; the time where what I think is normal and makes sense is deemed possibly extra or even a little crazy by most standards. Please note, the around-ish person and late person may or may not be the same The always late person may not be good at time management, but, this typically comes off as not valuing the time of others. Where as the around -ish person is intentionally vague, they go with the flow and play it by ear. I think, well, where is the source of the flow, how much is there? To play it by ear, you need to hear the music first, so that analogy is is not an apt analogy for and “ish” attitude. Plus playing music, or playing virtually anything with other people involves a sense of timing.

The key to all of this is to know what you are – numbers or an around-ish and know who you are dealing with. Don’t expect a personality miracle where a numbers person like me, suddenly becomes “around-ish.” Time is an artificial construct we have a social agreement with or some lofty sounding thing like that. A plan to meet a a particular time can be considered fulfillment of a social contract or a suggestion. This week consider,  your relationship with time and how it impacts your relationships with people.

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