March Madness: Burn Out, Beethoven and BasketBall

I am burnt out. You know how you have that inside voice, things you think, but don’t say. There is this filter that stops you. My filter has vanished along with my patience. Currently, I’m in this loop in which I identify problems and issues that I am not permitted to fix. With other projects I have taken on, I just have no time and things are not getting done.

Classical music works with a theme, a motif, that remains constant, yet shifts and changes. Friday was Beethoven’s Symphony number 7 in A major. This is the thing about Beethoven, the music works, but, it’s not predictable. You can listen to it and wonder what’s going to happen next. The Oakland Symphony Friday night under with conductor Dr. Leslie Byron Dunner I had a sort of out of body experience, the realization I can powerfully change the narrative, it may not be expected, but it can work.

Thus came the concept. Change it. If there is too much to do right now, or I can’t fix things, change it. Go Beethoven. Get quiet or go loud, do a dramatic shift. As I watch the March Madness, NCAA basketball  tournament, I am reminded there is offense and defense. Teams need both to advance in the championship. 

Right now, I am all defense and no offense. This weekend, I got to do a reset, Basketball, Beethoven and a burnout remedy. This week consider, are you playing offense, defense or both.

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