and Now for Something Completely Different: PTSD, Covid 19 and Re-Entry

You know all those times you say, if I’d only known I would have <insert missed opportunity here.> OK, well now you know. In about 8 months, we’ll most likely be out of most lockdown restrictions. What does that mean for you? There is nothing for you to do right now, no action is required until February/March if any at all. For now, just ponder what it’s going to take to be re-entry ready. Six weeks from now will mark a year of me being in lockdown and there are things I stopped doing and others I started. Words with Friends was an early fatality; I just didn’t seem to have the time. I started talking aloud to myself when walking. Well, I have a mask on, people, can’t see me talking and six feet away, they can’t hear me. It’s bad, I know. How will your day change?

Are you working?1 Will you have a commute again, be required to go into an office? If you enjoy work from home, you have another half year, take a few moments to appreciate it. If you go into a place of work, enjoy the next few months of lighter commute times and less traffic while it lasts. The reopening will be gradual, but a year from now will be a different story. Speaking of work, wardrobe!

Sweat pants, pajama bottoms and leggings work fine now; but, you might want to consider how to incorporate your new found body freedom into work appropriate attire. Please, some of y’all are barely zoom presentable as it is now; just realized you may have lowered the bar of what is acceptable for public attire. The next couple of months will provide an excellent opportunity to purchase clothes on sale. Just determine what your future style will be and get yourself some basic pieces at lower than ever prices. Joggers (an elevated sweat pant) are a great way to update and ease into a transition wardrobe. You have time to order, try, return and find what works for you.

Sweat Pants

Of course, if you order anything you need your size. Get on a scale, pull out a tape measure. You can do it; nobody is looking, but you. If you have gained the Covid- 19 pounds and that was not a good thing, if you start in March and lose a pound a week, you are ready for re-entry. See, it’s like that, if I’d only known, I would have. Well, now you do.

What about other things like gym memberships, yoga classes, music lessons. Will you keep the home gym or return that space back to the guest room? What about the weekly family zoom calls? I know it’s a lot, which is why I started off saying – ponder. Just think about it when there is plenty of time. For context,about 10 days before daylight saving time, I start my adjustment plan. I hate that abrupt shift, so to feel like I have control, I start early. So, no small wonder, I’m thinking post Covid. This week consider your post Covid world; what changes and what doesn’t?

1Looking for work; excellent considerations for your digital brand can be found at Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent

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  1. Hello Sheila! My reentry plan based on my world of retired non-profit board member has me thinking about the in-person versus zooming. I’ve been able to increase my non-profit contribution over the past 8 months while staying safe. Will board and committee meetings continue in a remote fashion – or perhaps a combination? I miss the direct connection and up close smiles….but much to be considered as we progress through 2021. Best to you!

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