Oops; Girl, You Know You Need to Stop

I have two weeks off. Yahoo! I made a list (ok a spreadsheet) of my plans for each day. This seemed like an excellent time, while off from work, my “day job,” this is a great time to get some things for my side gigs. Day one was thrown off when I did a writing project. Oh no, I follow schedules. I guzzled 4 Dr Peppers for the sugar and caffeine and was up at 3:00 am the next day ready to make up for lost time. Then I saw it, a graphic with two option: Actually Take Time Off or Work on Personal Projects and call it Relaxing.

Oh yes. Thank you Maria.  I tore up my list. I‘d confused my days, confused my music – I was practicing a cello piece as a duet, it wasn’t. I removed my contacts and I had two in each eye- meaning 1) I forgot tot take them out the night before and 2) whilst most would have noticed distorted vision, I did not. This episode was not as bad as the one when I tried to use my garage door opener to change a stop light from red to green. Yet, I knew I had an issue. Time for mental time off. I know you can’t work out every day and get results. Muscles need recovery time in the tear/repair cycle. It’s the same with the brain. I said goodbye to the list list that also included a business plan for my yoga classes balanced with scheduled time to complete the reading of two books and a list of 3 shows to binge. Once I let go, I was so tired and exhausted, all I could manage was the Great British Baking Show, not on my binge list. On Thursday, I’d finished this post and was happy I would not spend Sunday finishing up. More mental time off.

Then came the plot twist. One thing on my to do list was to plan how’d I’d teach yoga in 2021. After my Saturday class, I realized, I could ask my yoga class what they want 2021. Why should I plan it? It’s all about the customer, right? I can write this with a smile as with a mental break, I did something that made more sense than my plan. This week, consider, how do you know if you’re mentally exhausted and how to do you recover?

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