Reindeer Games: Vision, Reality and Cardio

“Get outside and do a brisk walk around the bay; it’s right outside your door. You know you would not be able to stand a piece of equipment in your home. I know you, and it will drive you crazy.” That was my former college roommate to me last week. It was kind of like instant therapy. My vision was, with another year of lockdown, to get a Peloton so I could do cardio. In reality, after a woman was robbed by 4 men directly below below my balcony at 2:00 last Sunday afternoon; I was afraid to walk. The conversation brought me back to reality and was a reminder of the importance of not only having friends, but honest friends who know your idiosyncrasies.

So, I resumed bay walks, worked out a 15 minute HIIT routine with a weighted bar and you know goofed around and made a reindeer workout.

Reindeer Workout?

12 Lungers Lunging

11 Squatters Squatting

10 Swimmers Pressing

9 Triceps Dipping

8 Biceps Curling

7 Crunches Crunching

6 Push ups Pushing

5 Jumping Jacks

4 Pullups

3 Burpees

2 Side Planks

1 Straddle Forward Fold

…and rethink cardio? This week consider, what is your motivation; does vision match reality?


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