inalienable Rights: The Unbearable Wrongness of Being

When we are “learning” something, we almost accept there are things we don’t know. What about in the day to day? How do you react to being wrong? Adults, use the term, “I was mistaken.” Last week, an email exchange went back and fourth 3 times; the writer seemed to have difficulty in admitting to being wrong and took several opportunities to highlight culprits including how I was at fault rather than an immediate and polite, I was mistaken. Attempts to make others wrong, typically an indicator you are not accepting you are wrong.

My socially distant zoom instructor told me to go in for the up bow and out for the down bow and to play the song again paying attention to when to down bow and when to up bow. When told I played the entire piece in reverse, I thought Zoom had reversed the direction and there it was. I wanted to attribute blame, I laughed and said, I’m so wrong, let’s discuss this up bow, down bow thing because clearly I have no clue as to what I am doing.

How do you react to being wrong? To me and the cello, my wrong was obvious. There is no, let’s agree to disagree. There is no debate about a point of view. No further research to demonstrate alternatives. This week, consider your “wrong handling.”

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