March Madness and April Fools: The Surge

“Bless their pea picking little hearts.” It’s a southern term from my childhood used when someone was doing the most idiotic thing. In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, “Y’all, please stop picking those peas now. Please.” This isn’t a hoax or an exaggeration. The virus causes respiratory failure, which damages the longhand even with recovery, there is a chance of permanent damage. To date, there are 2,807 lung illnesses from vaping and 68 deaths since the outbreak in August of 2019.  Action against big tobacco and e-cigarette manufactures was swift and started in less than 30 days.  Even though evidence was inconclusive that e-cigarettes were at fault. Cities banned the sale of e-cigarettes, big tobacco was shamed for their marketing efforts targeted at teens. Governors in several states called for a public health emergency for this  70% male and 80% under the age of 34 demographic. With all the bans in place, deaths and illnesses are continuing into 2020.


Ironic that a known virus that destroys the lungs and kills was initially called a hoax, a political ploy and was dramatically underplayed. On March 6th, at he CDC, the president made the following remarks:

THE PRESIDENT:  Oh, really?  I heard it broke all ratings records, but maybe that’s wrong.  That’s what they told me.  I don’t know.  I can’t imagine that.

But what happened is, if you look at the number at the time we left, it was 240 cases, Peter, and 11 deaths.  That’s what it has been.  Now, you look at — throughout the world, I mean, other countries have — South Korea, Italy, and in particular China have many.

Now I also hear the numbers are getting much better in those places.  And I’ve heard the numbers are getting much better in China, but I hear the numbers are getting much better in Italy, et cetera, et cetera.  But what I hear — so we have 240 cases, 11 deaths.  Everything is too much and it’s true.  I don’t want 11 deaths.  I don’t want any deaths, right?

The response was that of denial; an attitude of no problem, we have containment without rationale. Was there anything that would really differentiate the US from Europe? Well, yes, there was. Data from other countries showed youth were not impacted like the elderly. However, in fact, the US was different. Youth here are impacted because of the high rates of vaping, that put them in the at risk category. Following the president’s comments on March 6th, Italy went into nationwide lockdown on March 9th. The numbers had not gone down, they continued to increase. The rate of infection and deaths in China did not start to drop until March 12th. Spain went into national lock down on the 14th of March and  France  went into national lockdown on the 17th.

So here we are,“social distancing” until the end of April. But, shelter in place is a containment strategy. For mitigation, we need testing to identify who the carriers are and keep the carriers in quarantine, Sadly, there are still some who believe this to be a hoax, or that won’t happen here. Bless their pea picking hearts.  The best we can do now is work with the containment strategy and stay home. Seriously, stay home. Think of this as a movie, if it were a horror film, every time someone leaves the bunker, there is a chance they will replaced by alien and you won’t know it until they have sucked the life out of you. If it were a thriller, every time someone leaves home, there is a chance they are compromised, they are now a spy working against you. In a rom com, they leave the house and met the love of their lives and you are now the irrational comic relief villain destined to live miserly ever after.  STAY HOME, STAY HOME, STAY HOME. Yes, this is hard on everyone. That’s the way those once in a lifetime events are hard. We’re trying to balance in unchartered territory, be nice, be community, be love.


Want Yoga? I added new content this week.

YouTube – How COVID19 Kills –I’m a Surgeon–Any Why We Can’t Save You.

I reckon this is a milestone; this is post number 300.


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