Disruption, Cell Phones & Adaptation

There was a time you’d find a bank of phone booths at any airport. Larger airports had set ups with privacy screens and a shelf for the working business person. Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 10.15.34 AMBut that was before cell phones. Cell phones were a disruption. The airports could have tried to keep the phone booths in place, made the phones sleeker or added extra features like an aromatherapy mister. Instead, they were forced to pay attention to travelers who set up labyrinth hazards of cords and gadgets in search of power. The airport response was to install chairs with power outlets and  sleek bars with outlets and USB ports. Manufacturers saw an opportunity and the airports evolved.  It’s a simple matter of looking at a solution and asking, is there something else that serves the same purpose or does the same thing?

We do the same thing with our lives. Are you clutching to a process that is cumbersome, tedious and onerous? Have you adapted to disruption or denied its very existence? This week, look around, what are you holding onto? What disruption have you adapted to? Is there a disrupter that could enhance your life?  Have you tried a fitness app, grocery delivery, streaming video. These things may or may not work for you, but what if they do? Disruption is the leap forward.


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