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Not Ready, Agile versus Half Baked

This week, I got nothing. Nothing is ready for posting. Sure, I have three partial posts with great themes, a day of hooky, discussion versus decision and the feeling of joy when you find out, itโ€™s not just you. So what? Nothing is ready for this week’s post. The last couple of weeks at work, Iโ€™ve maniacally researched, questioned and shown a new program is not ready for release. The implementation team discounted my findings.
“This development is agile and this release is a minimum viable product, like a cake with no icing. The icing comes later”
“But your cake is not baked; you have nothing to serve.”

Half Truths: Exhaustion, Vacations and Lipstick

Leaving to spend time with family and hospitalized for exhaustion. Recognize these as code speak? In the business world, an executive is โ€œfiredโ€ but the reason is given as spend time with family. A celebrity parties to hard or has a drug overdose the reason is the half truth of hospitalized for exhaustion. This is…