Stuck? Empty Alleys, Wing Spans, & Self Limiting Thoughts

I look observant in the first few photos¹. Subdued for no particular reason; it was an open space and the alley was empty. Still, I just stood there for 35 frames until I extended my arms and smiled.A bird doesn’t fly without spreading its wings. It is much the same with people. Without stretching our selves, we’re going to stay in the same place. The only constraints in the photo were the ones I unconsciously put on myself. My photos clearly show unwarranted restrictive beliefs onto a progression of challenging myself. This episode made me ask where do I unconsciously limit myself?I found I limited the content for this blog, unconsciously. In my mind, the story is, it is  enough that I write every week and create a photo image. Is it? Or are my thoughts a shut off valve to creativity?

When was the last time you challenged yourself? This week, find the areas where you unconsciously invoke self-limiting beliefs, it may surprise you. Socially, physically, mentally, emotionally, etc., where are those beliefs lurking? Just notice without judgement. Of course, since it’s unconscious, it may be hard to find. Try this, pick an area of life and finish this thought, “for <insert area>, I’d like to have <insert what you want>.” Then dive in, most likely, there is the self-limiting belief around that want, you just have to keep asking yourself why. There may have been a time when these constraints served you, but are those reasons valid now? Do you have a shut off value that does not serve you?

Think about it and you may find you want to stretch. You might want to try something just a little bit different. You always have the option of staying in a holding pattern, but what happens if you stretch and  embrace the future with arms wide open.


¹Mural Artist Erica Group   Experience #delandwings    Read her story.  


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