Back Down; Room for Wrong; Open for Possibility

Me, “It’s Marilyn Manson.

Bo, “No, it’s Depeche Mode”

Me, “It’s like one of the only two Marilyn Manson song I like, Your Own Personal Jesus.”

Bo, “No, it’s Depeche Mode, I first heard it when I was in Japan., it was nuts, whoa, what is that.

We’d walked by a bar where the song was playing. The next day, thinking,Bo is never wrong about music, I did a search. Depeche Mode wrote and related the song in 1999. Marilyn Manson did a cover in 2005. After listening to both, I couldn’t be sure that what I have heard thinking it was Marilyn Manson, hasn’t been Depeche Mode over the last decade.

What about you? How often are you convinced you are right? Do you leave room for wrong? It is easy to gets facts wrong, even if ever so slightly. While one could argue with the song, we were both right, I know I was wrong. The whole history I held was wrong. I had no ego here, no need to be right. I was wrong, period. However, far to often are opinions based on wrong facts. People “hold court” lauding opinions with absolute righteousness in the guise of a discussion when in reality, there is no room for debate, there is no room for wrong. As recently as this morning, I reversed my opinion when a good friend simply said, look at it this way.

This week, notice, do you leave room for wrong? How do you react to, “you’re wrong,” “did you think about this,” or “look at it this way.” What’s your reaction even as you read this? Leaving room for wrong doesn’t invalidate your opinion or reaction around an event.  It simply means you are open to transformation, you are open to things maybe you thought you wouldn’t do. It means you are open to a world of wonderful possibilities.



This photo represents the two friends mentioned in this blog post. While the photo shows Bo, what you can’t see is Jackie was in the background. She got us to the location, watched for safety and was general set director. In a world of chance meetings and random encounters, thank you my friends for having my back, softening my crash landings and proving room for wrong opens a world of possibilities.

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