Response to Entitlement? Just Park It.

The first beep made me laugh. The second beep, well. really? Someone blew his/her horn at me twice, apparently with the goal of hurrying me along so he/she could park in a space occupied by me and my car.

Friday, I had fifteen minutes before I needed to leave for my next appointment, Perfect, I can sit in my car and get a little work done, check email and schedule a few things from my to do list. I’d done two emails when I hear a horn blow from a nearby SUV.  I looked around in an attempt to discern the cause. Hmmm, is the driver nudging me to move?  My key is not in the ignition, my foot is not on the brake, there is no indication I’m about to pull out and there are several available spaces close by. Whatever.

I continue working.  Two minutes later, the horn blows again – the double beep of annoyance. It is apparent the SUV wants me to move. Seriously? In what scenario does multiple horn honking motivate me put the key in the ignition, start my engine and immediately vacate a parking space?  I am frankly stunned and incredulous at this is act of entitlement. Surely there is some other explanation, but, before I could complete the thought, I hear an engine rev up and see the SUV speed away in my rear view mirror. This whole thing took place in 6 minutes real-time. Obviously we were operating from two paradigms. I realized, this horn honking thing happens both literally and figuratively.

When someone blows a horn at you, question,  do you need to react? Sometimes the answer is no. This is someone else’s stuff, someone else’s entitlement and you do not need to act. Don’t get pulled into someone’s stuff, sometimes, just park it, you be you and let the other person be, well, whatever.


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