Crazy Time, March Madness, and uhhhhh I forgot

Crazy Time. Oh yes, you’ve been in it. A meeting goes on to long and people start talking crazy. Unfortunately, crazy talk has gotten confused with “innovative ideas” and “out of the box” thinking. If you watch small kids, when they get tired, but fear they may miss something, they do everything they can to stay awake.  They start acting crazy; running, jumping, screaming to keep themselves awake and engaged. Adults, are pretty much the same. Exhausted people need to keep themselves awake and engage and crazy time commences. This is not productive for meeting behavior and the meeting needs to stop; the crazy talk that loses sight of the goal and delves into minutiae starts. This inane rambling is not brainstorming. People need to take a break, rest and come back after ideas have marinated. While in sports, there is a shot clock in increase the pace and scoring of the game. In business, we need a  crazy clock too, to improve the sanity and effectiveness of ideas and to maximize performance. The crazy clock mandates, after a certain period of time, the madness stops.

In the past few weeks, of installing dimmer switches, replacing a thermostat, grouting the shower and general unpacking. I have observed my crazy time in real-time. It’s not pretty. Trying a ninja move for grout removal made me accidentally turn the shower on and once the floor was wet, I slammed into the rear wall, in a move put my knee in an abnormal contortion. Hence, I made mistakes, damaged things that weren’t broken and caused personal injury.

There comes a point when crazy time creeps in and I’m better off just stopping. So for this afternoon, one of my favorite pass times – March Madness—NCAA basketball. No more work today, just time to sit in my chair and watch basketball. Today, the only crazy will be March Madness and maybe my armchair athletics. Game on.

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