I Don’t Want to Admit it, but…

I am sick and it’s from stress. There I said it and I meant it. When there are things I am slow to admit, I have to ask why. This discussion reminds me I am not imbued with super powers and an admission while maybe a little embarrassing is usually more helpful than harmful. Admitting, I am lost, confused, anxious or overwhelmed keeps me in balance. Sometimes, the admission will help others too.

Earlier this week, confused by an email thread, I asked a team member how he interpreted the response as a yes when I took it as a no.  It turned out the third team member had the same interpretation that I did.  Further inquiry showed the response was no. My admission of confusion was actually helpful and stopped further confusion; this was a reminder that sometimes, not doing an admission can impact other people. We’ve all felt relief when someone asks the question we were all thought. Proving, someones you just need to ‘fess up.

So this evening, I’m not going to an oscar party. My cracking voice and coughing spasms are a clear indicator I am unwell. People will not have to politely find ways to avoid contact with me, because, you know, they may not want to admit they don’t want be around anyone who is sick.



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