Performance Reviews, P90X and Falling Stars

Sheila, your year-end write-up doesn’t look like you did anything last year. I sent you an example of what to include but all you wrote was the area and the results, you didn’t include what you had to do get there. <FLASH> Yes, she was right. I didn’t want to seem like I was whining so, I was very factual, problem, results, nothing about what went on in between. Which is ironic when I think about how I train people on how to present. Tell a story make me care. She went on to say, your review goes with you, you need the detail. I know what you did, I know the work you put in, but no one reading this would know. Ok – thanks, I have to go to my next meeting, people are waiting for me, I will follow-up.

Still shaken at my next meeting, and mentioned it. Yes, I tend to do the same thing, my sister reminded me I need to use the STAR method. Situation, Task, Action and Result.* You left out the action. <FLASH> Yes, I’ve even written around this topic last year with new year’s resolution – people look at the before and after photos and don’t take into account all the hard work it takes to do the hard work and commitment of P90X. Of course, it makes it looks so easy – dedicate 90 days and you get a cut body – but what get’s overlooked is the during. All the hard work, commitment and dedication it takes to get there. With education, there is always, do this program and get this results, but the in between is a lot of hard work, sacrifice and commitment. It’s the same with work. While I wrote up this is the before and this is the after, it made it all look to simple, more like a so what. I do need to describe the “during.” The actions.

The next day, I got a request. <FLASH> Having learned I tend to exclude the “actions” it takes to get something, I described what it would take to do the request. The request was withdrawn. STAR is a great format and reminder for writing up performance reviews, creating resumes, as its initial intent, a situational interviewing technique or in any case where people are unaware of that it takes to get a result.  As we start 2017, it is a good reminder for me for my record keeping I need to expand a bit to not only include situations and results – but tasks and actions also. Yes, the actions may not be flashy, exciting or have that punch, but it is what people need. It still feels contrary, not to just do it, or leave out the laborious detail, but it’s a new balance and way of being of I am learning,



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  1. Ok, so this is so timely! I am in the process of doing my own performance review and feel completely at a loss. The STAR tip is a good one, It would be great if the companies asking employees to complete these self reviews offered workshops, They are very hard to complete and all guidance come from self help tools that have not proved very helpful. At least not for me! Worst yet, in talking to my manager and other employees, it is clear to me they too are unsure.

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