Who are You?

Who you are in good times is what you want to be. What you do in challenging times is your nature. How you treat people in victory or defeat is your character. It’s easy to be your best self when things are good. Challenges fray nerves, shake beliefs and reveal truths. Is graciousness and compassion something you aspire to in either victory or defeat?

In June of 2016, the Golden State Warriors loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA championship.  I’d heard about how special the Warriors were and how they worked as a team and this Golden State Warrior player Steph Curry. The post game interview he gave, after a gut wrenching loss,congratulating the Cavaliers and LeBron James went beyond good sportsmanship with its heartfelt sincerity. It was a heartwarming study in graciousness that seems to be unfortunately rare.

Right now, are you in good times, challenges, victory or defeat? Do you aspire to graciousness and compassion? Who are you?

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