You’re Not Getting Paid

Me: “Sorry, I cannot go,  I have to write.”

Them: “Why, it’s not like you’re getting paid?”

It’s not an excuse to get out of doing things, it is my commitment. During the two years of my blog launch, I’ve posted weekly and I am not getting paid. But should “getting paid” be a measure of what you do and what you don’t? You don’t get paid to do a lot of things. You do things because you associate some type of value with an activity. With work, relationships, hobbies, are you getting any value or do you value the activity?  If you are not doing something you value or get value out of, why are you doing it?

What’s working and what’s not? Do you do things out of habit or value? Are you doing things that make you smile and bring you joy? In the aftermath of  September 11, 2011, many people reevaluated their lives. With this 15th anniversary of 9/11, as many memorialize this event,  take a movement and reflect on how you spend your time and what you value. You won’t get paid, but you might just get value.

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