What Not to Do; A Look at Business Advice

The trained eye can spot the fake Rolex or Louis Vuitton knockoff. The same is true in business; the phony insincere suck up is easy to spot, so knock it off. What can you do not be labeled as the fake, the phony, the poser? This part is like cleaning out your closet of fashion mishaps – this is clearing your head of business misconceptions.

Fake it until you make it?

Oh come on, what does that mean anyway? Act like you can do something until you can do it? Really? Sure, act like you can do CPR until you can? Act like you can fly a plane until you can? Who ever said that was faking it. Do not do this. If you can’t do something, ask for help ASAP

You can instantly spot someone who is unaccustomed to high heels. That experience ranges from the comical wobbling to downright stress awaiting the inevitable tumble and fall. It’s very apparent. To be clear and emphasize the point, there is no faking it.

In a work situation, don’t try to fake it. Be gracious. Say, I’m unsure about this, I need help. I know this assignment is important, I need guidance. Be accountable. Say something early. Ask for help and give credit to the people who helped you. You may not know it all, but know this; the chances of competency miracle are slim to none. You are not magically going to be able to execute. If you can’t fit into a size 4 on Monday, chances are slim to none you are going to be able to do it by Friday.

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS.

Why would you want to baffle people? That’s like saying if you can’ dazzle them with elegance, baffle them with gaudiness. This one makes no sense, yet it happens all the time. You know the people who use big words to say nothing. News flash, it’s not impressive, it’s obvious what you are doing,

Don’t try to impress with a big words. People, please stop using due diligence, say, I looked into it. Most of you are not lawyers – who let’s face it, use ambiguity as a legal tactic. Speak clearly to communicate. Think about this. When babies first learn to talk, they babble. You smile and nod even though you have no idea what that baby is talking about. All is well and good until that baby is actually trying to tell you something, then that baby keeps repeating and as a result of your unresponsiveness, continues and while you are befuddled, the baby is frustrated. You are doing the same when you fluff up your sentence with unnecessary words and a few big words. Don’t speak in BS and wonder why no one is reacting. Compare it to wearing head to toe knock offs in a chic boutique and wondering why you get ignored.

Ask questions so you’ll sound interested

Insincerity alert; no, you don’t sound interested, you sound like a suck up. This is work, not a date. I was chatting with someone a couple of months ago and she commented she always asks questions so management knows she is engaged and paying attention.

 “Oh no, please tell me you are not that person! You know we hate people like you. You know your questions come off as insincere AND if we as speakers have done our jobs well, there is nothing for you to really ask.”

If you want your management to know you’re engaged with a meeting, give the speaker or presenter a compliment. Try something like; this has been great information, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Don’t make up a question just to ask a question.

 Lesson over. Time to implement. You aren’t expected to remember everything, there is a simple rule, be sincere, no faking and you don’t have to worry about the rest of this. Fakes are never in fashion.


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