Reflections on the Year of the Rabbit: Moments and Truths?

It was something like1, “ can’t save a moment for the future..” It stuck with me as the moment happens in the moment, that’s it. Not something to put on pause until you have time, not something that may happen again. So, this weekend, time to write turned into moments. A lunch turned into a five hour talk, a dinner turned into a four hour hangout. Look, I would not have done this for just anybody and anything, but these situations were special.

These were “my people.” How many people around you will tell you the truth, even if it’s painful, something you don’t particularly want to hear? Not people who destroy every dream you have with shrapnel of doubt, but, people who love you, know you, your hopes, dreams and disposition. People who can maybe highlight your headed down an undesirable path.

You have no idea how much you miss, because of course, you missed it. Take a breath and notice where you are and how you feel. This can direct you to stay or go, to perceive and appreciate the moment. This week consider the moments and how many people in your life are your truth tellers. Reflect and choose to adjust as necessary.

0The featured image is me in 2016. Please note the rabbit. This weekend is the start of the year of the rabbit and also rabbit behavior and observation tie in with my post. Rabbits will stop, assess the environment and typically dash off. If everything is good, they linger. They stay in the moment. If you’d spotted a rabbit, you know, there is no time to reach for a camera or tell someone, you have to be in that moment. Happy New Year and here’s to a year of magical moments.

1The quote, thought is from Spare by Prince Harry

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