Too Late: Time, Tantrums and Alternatives

The window is closed. The moment is gone. I write my blog on Sunday. I have blogged weekly for 8 years1 without interruption. There were a couple of one liners, like, happy holidays or do caterpillars know they will become butterflies? But, there was a post, over This week, no idea, only real life. Five days of training, plus the usual work schedule puts me at 7:00 pm on Sunday night and freaking out. There is not enough time. I could throw a tantrum, but, seriously, who would that be for and what would it solve? So, I choose to work with what I have rather than what I want. What I have is a human experience. A full week and a very tired body. Yet, there is nothing this week I would have eliminated. I am grateful for this week.

What about you? What happens when you can’t do something you usually do? You’re a runner and forget to pack your running shoes on a trip. You have a ritual of coffee and the paper every morning; are you ok if you sleep in and skip this? How do you recover? Typically these things are not a matter of life and death. This week, consider, can you let it go and be in the moment. Rather than focus on lost, can you spend your energy looking at new possibilities?

1This is post number 430, I’m going to have a pint…a whole entire pint of ice cream. While these two are not related, this goes to show my exhaustion :-)…blah, blah, blah

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