Just Throwing it Out There: Rights, Responsibility and Blame

Seriously, you don’t take one French lesson and when you can’t speak fluently blame the teacher and post on social media.  You can’t take one trumpet lesson and get pissed because you can’t play and say “they” are against you.” But, how often do you do the same thing with other things? 

The Supreme Court struck down the N.Y. law that restricts concealed carrying of guns thereby restricting the  ability for elected official to do gun control. The US has more guns than people, more gun stores than Starbucks and McDonalds combined1, and a problem with gun violence. The overturning of Roe versus Wade, put the impact of that temporarily  on hold. The truth  is, the Supreme Court ruling weakens even more the already diluted bipartisan gun bill.2 Not that anyone had time to notice with the whiplash of activity this week.

Are you yelling into an echo chamber or planning a long term strategy? Often we hear, more than half the country believes <insert study name here>. This gives a false sense of security. There is 35% of the population eligible to vote that is not registered. Of the registered population In the most recent 2020 election, only 66.7% of registered voters voted. Soooo, unless those “surveys” are restricted to registered voters who vote, we’re going to have a government that does not reflect the majority view of the country. Because the electoral college is in place, we’ve had 2 presidents in the last 20 years that did not reflect the voter majority. By the way, 60% of Americans think we should  move away from the electoral college.

The Fourth of July is a few days away. There are eligible voters “celebrating” who did not vote and are not voting. There is a portion of those yelling and screaming now, who did not vote. While kids will have their red, white and blue attire for the fourth holiday, are parents extolling the legislative system with it’s checks and balances and the importance of voting. Or are they posting some square on social media and saying “f” <insert issue here> as political protest. That does about as much good as taking one French lesson and posting “f” the instructor. We don’t need virtue signaling, we need informed voting on a consistent basis. I live in a condo and I have a right to use the pool, hot tub and gym. I don’t use  any of those things. I have a responsibility, living in a shared space to watch noise levels, keep the common areas clean and report stuff that just ain’t right. As far as voting goes, people say, I dislike politics. That’s not an acceptable answer unless you have an opinion on nothing and no legislation impacts you. For the record, I dislike taxes, but I pay them. This week, consider is voting a responsibility or a right?

1In 2020, there were 52,799 federal firearm dealers in the United States.

  • As of 2020, the Seattle-based coffee house accounted for 8,941 company-operated and 6,387 licensed stores in the US (Starbucks, 2020).
  •  There are 13,366 McDonald’s locations in the United States as of June 20, 2022.

2 Note: As an African American, guns have been an important part of our culture. We had to defend ourselves against lynchings, the KKK, and those who thought of us as less than. I know many responsible black gun owners who don’t feel the need to protest, yell and send family Christmas cards with guns on display. Semi automatics, no background checks, that’s another matter.

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