Balancing on Unstable Surfaces: Bridges, Visualizations and Ukraine

Me and my Mom – Circa 1988 Note the artwork behind us

I tend to over think things. In any given situation I tend to mentally do pros and cons, spreadsheet or simply do nothing and rest in the  comfort of procrastination. I tend to daydream, though it is more fashionable these days to frame it as visualization. The art work above the piano, my piano, in my family’s home (in Hampton Virginia) was the Golden Gate Bridge. Many times I’d stare at the bridge, what place is this? I moved west 27 years ago and I felt that was full circle, that daydream/vision led me to the Bay Area in California. At least that was my thought until I was in the market for a new home. There, through the floor to ceiling windows is a view of the Golden Gate Bridge as well as the Bay Bridge and the Richmond Bridge. Opportunity right in front of me and I did not overthink. There was this recognition, this resonation, just do it. 

I have taught yoga virtually for two years now, but what about in person? I told a friend over lunch last week, I would love to teach in person where I can just teach, not do any admin work,  a place where I can drive and park easily or walk. My divine yoga experience this week, a text on Monday, a job offer on Tuesday and a Wednesday evening start within the scope I wanted. It’s a 15 minute walk or I can drive and park in the building garage. For bonus points, there is an incredible view, wonderful staff and a class full of good energy. My last couple of weeks have been full of seemingly serendipitous opportunities.

By the end of the week, I typically have 3 different drafts started for this weekly blog. Sunday is typically the day I spend another 8 hours reworking everything. One of the things I struggled with this week was how could I or should I write about Ukraine from a black perspective. Voila, there is was in my email, an article that did everything I wanted and more. Media coverage of Ukraine shows it’s time to rethink what we know about Africa

This week, consider opportunity, not looking forward, but reviewing your past. Do you feel you missed any significant opportunities? What stopped you, was it an ambiguous opportunity or did you have a blurry vision? Any lessons you can take from your reflections that will help you walk through an open door of opportunity in the future?


  1. Love the whole reflection process. Sometimes just looking back on your journey gives you motivation to trust yourself and move forward into the future.

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  2. Thank you for your words and the article share. It helps me to start to understand the conflicting feelings I’ve been having since the start of the war in Ukraine. I’m heartbroken for Ukraine and yet unable to shake a queasiness about the very real racist subtext and the contrast with how conflicts have been covered in countries in the Global South.

    I like that the article calls out Africa No Filter – I’ll start following them. I love Africa (been to 11 countries for work/play) and what I’ve seen is so much wonderousness! In many ways, I’m far more comfortable and peaceful there than here.

    I just found your blog today through a FB comment by Lisa. I was in your neck of the woods a few months ago and thought of you, and missed the glorious Lunar New Year events. 🙂

    — Melodie H

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