The Big Stink: Compostable Bags, Fish and Vegetarians

The smell is awful. Real bad like something rotting.  The first week, I took out the trash 3 times before I realized it was  the frigging compostable bag that smelled less than fresh. I froze in horror when I remembered a friend, a few days before and thrown something in the trash. Did she smell the bag and think why hasn’t Sheila taken the garbage out? One of my fears of aging is losing a sense of smell and people coming to my home and making the squinch face of olfactory malfeasance. I cant stand this smell, I grabbed my messenger bag and the trash bag and headed out. This ends now.

After taking out the trash, I was outside walking to the store. I recalled this video of a beautiful beach. The camera pans to the ocean bottom with vibrantly colored fish in a brilliant blue water. The shot tracks one fish swimming to a surface reflecting sun rays. I thought sold, take me to water. But the last few frames were the fish opening its mouth to feast on a plastic bag. That stopped my trip to the store for new bags and ended in a walk along the shoreline.

Between 2017 and 2019, 33% of the fish sampled contained plastic. By 2050 the ratio of plastic to fish in the ocean is projected to be 1:1. “Plastics.” That was the oft quoted phrase from “The Graduate” released on December 22, 1967. It is still relevant today with an ironic twist. 

As a vegetarian, I am not alarmed about eating fish with plastics. Note: if I ate fish, I would be a pescatarian not a vegetarian. But, I digress.  Just as I would not serve guests plastic food and call it dinner, I feel responsible not to contribute to the micro-plastic seafood issue. This week, consider plastics, the man made fabric of our lives.

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